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STORE POLICIES: Store Policies

1. General policies

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of goods between the client of (hereinafter Buyer) and the owner of

   Yksik Sell OÜ

   Registry Code: 16000798

   J. Sütiste Tee 49 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

 :(hereinafter Seller)

1.2 The seller reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and the prices of its products for  efficiency ,competitiveness, further development and the reorganization of the product range. Changes and additions to the terms and conditions and product prices will take effect from the moment the information is published on the website If the Buyer forwarded his order before the change in the terms came into force, the terms and conditions valid at the time of forwarding the order shall apply to the Buyer

1.3 By placing an order and finalizing a payment on the Seller's website, the Buyer confirms that he has read the terms of sale and agrees with them.

1.4 The general terms and conditions may not be contrary to laws and regulations valid in the Republic of Estonia and, if necessary (in the case of disputes or missing information), such terms and conditions are supplemented by said laws and regulations.


2. Submitting an order

2.1 The Buyer selects the desired goods in the e-store and adds the goods to the shopping cart.

2.2 The Buyer confirms the shopping cart and pays for the goods using a suitable payment method: online banking link, credit cards, or PayPal. Before paying for the order/invoice, the Buyer is asked to make sure that the information noted in the order/invoice meets the Buyer’s actual intent.

2.3 After payment for the goods, the Buyer is to click on the link “Back to seller”.

2.4 To confirm the order, the order/invoice is sent to the Buyer using the e-mail address submitted upon confirming the shopping cart.

2.5 A sales agreement becomes binding between the Seller and the Buyer as from when the total purchase amount paid by the Buyer is received on the Seller’s bank account.


3. Price of goods

3.1 The prices of products sold on the MARMORMAZE homepage are noted in euros as exclusive of any delivery costs (except for campaign products). All prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.

3.2 MARMORMAZE reserves the right to amend the prices. If a Buyer submitted their order before a price amendment took effect, the Buyer is subject to the price noted on the order confirmation at the time at which the order was submitted.

3.3 More detailed information on delivery methods and delivery prices is provided under “Delivery of goods”.


4. Purchase of Goods

4.1 Only such goods that are provided with the link “Add to shopping cart” can be purchased online in the MARMORMAZE e-store.

4.2 The price or availability of goods may be changed without any prior notice. If a Buyer submitted their order before an amendment to the terms and conditions took effect, the Buyer is subject to contractual terms and conditions valid at the time at which the order was submitted.

4.3 If the e-store is unable to execute an order, the Buyer is contacted and any paid amounts are returned.

4.4 The contents of a shopping cart can still be amended on the “Shopping cart” page. After confirming an order, the contents of the shopping cart can no longer be changed and the shopping cart is emptied of any products. If an order is canceled after submission of an order, the relevant goods must be added anew to the shopping cart. Once the order form and contact detail have been correctly completed, the Buyer may proceed to payment.


5. Payment for goods

5.1 Payments are done through a third party payment program called Stripe. We accept all VISA, Mastercard and American Express debit and credit cards.

5.2 NB! After payment for goods (making of a bank transfer), the Buyer is to leave the online banking page by clicking “Back to seller”. The Buyer’s order confirmation is thereafter displayed and so as to confirm the order, the corresponding invoice is sent to the Buyer using the e-mail address submitted upon confirming the shopping cart.

5.3 Purchases made in the e-store are reviewed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.


6. Delivery

6.1 Countries we deliver to: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

6.2 Delivery methods include: Omniva Parcel Machines


6. Returns

7.1 The consumer is entitled to return the goods within 14 days from the day of delivery and return the money paid within 30 days (except for the cost of returning the goods).

7.2 Returned goods must not be used and must be in original packaging.

7.3 Opening the original container should be done with care, without damaging it. Only if the package can not be opened without breaking / breaking is not the responsibility of the Purchaser for damaged packaging. If the Buyer has violated the packaging due to negligence, (i.e. the product packaging could be opened without damaging it), the seller has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused.

7.4 If the customer discovers, upon receiving the goods, that the wrong or defective goods have been sent to him or the goods can not reach the customer in good condition and in a closed package, the customer must contact the seller's representative by e-mail at

7.5 The seller is responsible for the goods purchased by the customer during transport. Upon receipt of the goods, the risk of damage to or loss of the goods will pass on to the customer.

7.6 The repayment period will begin to run from the moment you return the unsuitable goods to the seller who has received and verified it.

7.8 To return the goods as a guest, an email must be sent to and the following information must be included in the e-mail:

  • the buyer's name,

  • the item to be returned,

  • the order number,

  • the reason for the return,

  • and the bank account to which the money will be returned.


8. Processing of Personal Details of the Buyer

8.1 The Seller uses personal details and information on purchases made in adherence to the Personal Data Protection Act in an extent required to execute orders submitted by the Buyer in the e-store. The Seller refrains from forwarding the Buyer’s personal details to third parties, except to undertakings providing postal or courier services in an extent required to deliver goods to the Buyer.

8.2 Upon payment for goods using online banking, the Seller does not have access to the Buyer’s bank details.


10. Other Terms and Conditions

11.1 MARMORMAZE uses personal details provided by the Buyer only for the purposes of executing the Buyer’s purchase orders. MARMORMAZE does not disclose information learned in the course of a purchase to third parties, except to cooperation partners for the purposes of delivering orders (name, telephone number, and delivery address of the Buyer) and in cases provided for by law.

11.2 Security of online banking links used to pay for goods is ensured by an encrypted (transfer of data in a classified format) data channel which does not allow third parties to access personal details or bank account details.

11.3 In issues not provided for in these terms and conditions, the Buyer and MARMORMAZE proceed from valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia as well as other documents regulating relations between the parties.

11.4 Dissenting opinions and disputes arising from performance of these terms and conditions are foremost resolved by way of negotiations. If disputes arising from the agreement cannot be resolved in negotiations, both the Buyer and MARMORMAZE, so as to protect their rights, have the right to recourse to the Consumer Protection Board or the court.


9. Warranty & Complaints

9.1 Buyers are recommended to submit complaints via e-mail to A complaint is to contain the name and contact details of the Buyer, the date of complaint, the defect of the goods, and content of the complaint; a document proving purchase is to be attached.

9.2 The Seller is not liable for damage or any other consequence caused by incorrect information submitted by the Buyer upon completing an order, including delays in delivery if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.

9.3 The Seller is not liable for damage caused by abnormal use or storage of ordered goods.

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